Fleet Telematics

Fleet Monitoring with LIVE Video on Demand

Fleet Telematics


A lack of visibility on fleet operations costs the industry millions of Pounds a year due to inefficiencies and insurance fees.


The ability to track the movement, behaviour and deployment of your fleet assets gives fleet managers the insights necessary to improve the running of their operations.


Telematics, coupled with our unique VideMatics software portal, enables the tracking of vehicle usage in real time, the monitoring of driver behaviour and the reduction of fuel costs and incident rates for a higher performing fleet.

Fleet telematics Vidematics

Fleet Telematics Vidematics

Why VideMatics

Vidematics combines the must-have fleet monitoring and reporting functionality in telematics with Live Video on Demand, automatically uploading all event video and vehicle data to the cloud for download within minutes.

With a comprehensive dashboard of event data and the supporting video data readily available, drivers can be assessed individually or collectively using full statistical reporting. In the event of an insurance claim, you are now able to provide pivotal video and event information to necessary parties with full encryption to protect validity.

Benefits of fleet telematics

  • Automated incident reports monitor your fleet and drivers using behavior data analysis
  • Driver league tables, accurate risk-scoring and event data can be used to reduce accident rates
  • Cloud-based event recorder instantly uploads data in the event of an incident or accident
  • Assess and score your drivers for comparison over any period
  • Reduction of insurance premiums and accident pay-outs

Vidematics Location tracking

Key Benefits

  • Operational efficiency gains

    Direct your workforce as needed in real time with 24/7 monitoring and traffic reporting.

  • Protect against false claims

    Provide fully encrypted data to support insurance claims and prevent crash for cash incidents.

  • Aid driver development and training

    Full driver profiles and reporting for individual and fleet level performance management

  • Access to data within minutes of an event

    Get notifications of events and near real-time access to data remotely via the cloud.


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