Fleet Management

Risk Management Solutions for Fleet Operators

Fleet Management

Managing Fleet Risk with Technology

Our solutions are focussed on ensuring fleet drivers and assets are as protected on the road as they can be. This starts with maximising driver visibility of the dangers around every corner. Through the use of smart camera technologies and onboard telematics in HGVs, LCVs and private hire cars we help:

With unique visbility and remote fleet monitoring solutions, we empower your people on the road and in the boardroom to take your operations in the right direction, minimising the risks ahead.

Advanced Driver Assist Systems by Exeros

Exeros own Vidematics combines vehicle event recording with onboard Video to give you the whole picture

Driving the change from Telematics to Vidematics

Vehicle tracking and GPS capabilities have become the mainstay of fleet telematics. At Exeros, we are taking this concept several steps further with the introduction of video-enhanced telematics or, as we call it,  Vidematics.

By coupling the event reporting of telematics with the evidence provided by onboard video and Driver Assist systems, you are able to see exactly why an incident occurred. The resulting encrypted data can be used to provide crucial evidence in the event of a claim or, simply, to identify driver training needs.

Fleet operators are now able to run reports on metrics like fuel usage, driver behaviour (with supporting on-board and in-cab video), real-time running costs, and have access to LIVE video on demand. Vidematics delivers comprehensive fleet management on the go with all the must-have insights just a click away.


Eliminating Driving Distractions

Ideally, the objective is to improve driver behaviour. According to the latest ROSPA statistics, 78% of crashes had some form of inattention or distraction as a contributing factor. When it comes to fleet drivers, the responsibility falls on you, the employer, to ensure reasonable and practical measures are in place to prevent incidents on the road.

To help safeguard your fleet and other road users, our Vidematics and facial detection enabled cameras to provide real-time driver guidance and alerts. You benefit from first-hand diagnostics and data to help identify driver training needs, while your drivers gain from improving their overall driving behaviour through in-cab assistance and the accumulation of a driver data profile.

Find out more about on-board vidematics and facial recognition technology here.

Facial Detection System by Exeros prevents against driver distraction

Get the most out of your fleet with Exeros

Optimising Fleet Operational Efficiency

The overall effectiveness of your fleet operations relies on many moving parts. We design bespoke solutions to ensure the safety and productivity of your fleet and people. Aside from helping you meet and maintain evolving compliance measures, we also provide the data and insights you need to manage the day to day running of your operations.

Exeros can help you to:

  • Reduce your fleet operating costs and insurance premiums.
  • Meet industry Compliance standards with confidence
  • Gain real-time remote tracking and data transfer for effective fleet management.
  • Reduce collision rates caused by driver fatigue and distractions.
  • Improve driver behaviour and driving habits.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce maintenance costs

    ADAS can reduce the cost of vehicle maintenance up to 6% by minimising the wear factors of the brake pads and tires.

  • Meet FORS and CLOCS Compliance

    Earn your merits by partnering with the transport safety experts.

  • Save on fuel consumption

    ADAS helps to improve the style of driving in any vehicle, saving fuel consumption by as much as 15%.

  • Stream LIVE Video on Demand

    Vidematics provides full fleet monitoring in real time with remote data extraction via GPS.

  • Eliminate Vehicle Blind spots

    Smart vehicle CCTV options with 360 visibility for safer manoevuring of any type of road vehicle.

  • Ensure Visibility in all conditions

    SeeTrue significantly extends the visibility range in video and integrates seamlessly with any camera-based optical system.


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