Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

What is ADAS?


Advanced Driver Assistance System or simply ADAS is designed to help prevent accidents by scanning the road ahead for potential hazards and timely informing the driver.

This friendly driver assist system simultaneously notifies the driver during the journey with unique alerts using sound, vibration, pictographs.

The AI powered algorithm works continuously and in real time.

In-cabin view of the road ahead with Advanced Driver Assistance System installed in the vehicle

A recent study carried out by AXA insurance group found that just 1.5 seconds of advance warning can prevent 90% of collisions. 2 seconds advance warning can significantly reduce the probability of all forward collision all together.

The driver assist system gives the driver the vital 2 seconds of early warning. It will detect and notify driver of the following:

  • Forward Collision 
  • Lane Change
  • Safe Distance 
  • Pedestrian 

Why is ADAS necessary?


Here are just some situations when the system will notify drivers about the probability of getting into an accident:

  • When the vehicle ahead has stopped, has sharply applied the brakes or dangerously reduced the distance between vehicles.
  • The indicator was not applied before changing lane.
  • If 2 second braking distance between the vehicles is not maintained when driving at a speed of more than 15mph.
  • If a cyclist or pedestrian is within the trajectory of the vehicle.

How ADAS works?


Lane Departure Warning System

ADAS detects an unsignaled lane change or lane veering and sends an alert via Display Panel to get back in lane.

Front Collision Warning

ADAS warns you when the vehicle ahead is too close. It scans the road ahead and displays current braking distance in seconds.

Pedestrian Detection

ADAS notifies the driver when a pedestrian or a cyclist is entering the vehicle path.

Benefits of ADAS

  • Visible co-pilot

    The main purpose of the advanced driver assistance system is to alert the driver of potentially dangerous road hazards, making driving safer.

  • Saves fuel consumption

    ADAS helps to change the driving style of the vehicle, saving fuel consumption by 15%.

  • Reduced maintenance costs

    ADAS can reduce the cost of vehicle maintenance by up to 6% by minimising the wear factors of the brake pads and tires.

  • Improves driving style

    Development of a balanced and safe driving style, greater confidence behind the wheel.


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