Vehicle CCTV

Vehicle CCTV

Smart Vehicle CCTV - Total Coverage To Protect Fleet Vehicles

Smart Multi-Camera Systems

Our vehicle CCTV systems are specifically designed for commercial, specialist, HGV and LCV vehicles.

A Typical Exeros vehicle CCTV system includes:

Exeros DVR units can remotely download and live stream video footage, giving fleet operators real-time control of operations in the field.

All systems come with accident sensors and event tagging functionality, triggering video capture and saving footage automatically upon the impact to the vehicle.

Vehicle CCTV Systems by Exeros

360º Degree Vision – Monitor Your Vehicle Blind Spots

All of our mobile DVR systems ensure that commercial vehicles, HGVs and LGVs can capture and record vehicle blindspots. Our systems provide the driver with full 360-degree coverage of the vehicle on-screen, which is vital for large commercial vehicles and other specialist vehicles were visibility is often very poor.

Whether you operate a small LCV, a commercial lorry, truck or a large HGV, you can instantly improve the safety of your fleet, and monitor each vehicle individually or collectively at the click of a button.

Our vehicle safety compliance systems use the latest technology to alert and forewarn drivers of the presence of cyclist and pedestrians. This is a vital tool for fleets and can limit and prevent many serious accidents and incidents caused by blindspots and a lack of visual of drivers whilst on the road.

Why Choose Our CCTV Solution?

  • All Exeros hardware is purpose-built for commercial, specialist, HGV and LCV vehicles.
  • Each component is rigorously tested and proven to perform in a variety of heavy-duty environments.
  • Our cameras, DVRs and accessories are fitted safely and securely to any vehicle type, ensuring all blind spots are captured and recorded.
  • System installations are always carried out to strict standards by Certified Auto Electricians preserving manufacturer warranties.

Vehicle CCTV by Exeros

Key benefits of Vehicle CCTV

  • Complete fleet & assets protection

  • Elimination of vehicle blind spots

  • Reduced fleet operating costs & insurance premiums

  • Real-time vehicle tracking

  • Reduced accident rate

  • Nationwide installation and support

  • Dedicated fleet tracking software

  • 3 Year warranties available


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