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Our systems allow vehicle owners and fleet operators to monitor their vehicles in a variety of ways, primarily to reduce their motor insurance risk. That's why many insurers are now backing our vehicle camera technology.

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Our range of multi-camera systems and dash cams help prove fault following an accident and show insurers exactly what happened in a collision. The captured data shows time and location of the accident, speed, video and audio, GPS and even shows G-forces of impacts to help assess whiplash claims.

The information is vital in reducing claim times through correct fault finding, reducing false accident claims and staged accidents, which cost the industry millions every year.


Vehicle Camera Insurance Savings - Up to 15%

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Adrian Flux are now offering a formal 15% insurance reduction for drivers using our dash cams and are heavily promoting this today. Swinton Commercial have also approved our systems and are offering a formal 10% insurance reduction to any vehicle with an Exeros system fitted.


Exeros Car Camera Provides Vital Witness

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CLOCS LogoExeros support CLOCS with award-winning Vehicle CCTV tech.

FORS associateAs FORS Associates we offer up to 15% OFF for FORS Accredited fleets.

crossrail compliance Our vehicle safety systems help to ensure Crossrail compliance.

Vehicle CCTV Benefit Checklist

  • Reduction in Fleet Insurance
  • Protection of Company Assets
  • Quicker Claim Resolution
  • Prevention of False Claims
  • Improvement in Driver Behaviour
  • Reduction of Fleet Risk
  • Elimination of Vehicle Blindspots
  • Prevention of Crash-for-Cash
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