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Around the world, driver fatigue is responsible for over 2,000,000 accidents every year with 190,000 fatalities on average. Around 50% of drivers in the UK admit to having fallen asleep at the wheel of a vehicle while it is in motion.

driver fatigue management

Many accidents tend to be at high speed, often involve fleet drivers and vehicles and take place on motorways and where journeys are longer and visibility in dark conditions is relatively poor.

Drivers are given rudimentary advice such as increasing the volume of their stereos, opening windows and so on to try to combat tiredness on the roads with no real technology available to combat the issue until now.

The device which is smaller than most modern satnav's, is designed to alert and wake drivers just as they begin to fall asleep at the wheel, saving the lives of the drivers and other road users.

Driver Fatigue Interview BBC Radio

The driver fatigue system was recently featured on BBC radio. For more information visit our blog or listen to the interview please use the player below:

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    The Exeros Sleep Watcher-XR uses one of the most advanced, non-contact, facial recognition infrared cameras that monitors human eyelid and retina status.


    It watches and assesses the drivers retina and eyelids for signs of fatigue - usually when a driver begins to fall asleep, their eyelids will slowly close and their retina darken, becoming less sensitive to light changes.


    Within seconds of the driver beginning to fall asleep, the system will recognise these signs and alert the driver with loud audio tones and warnings, waking the driver and potentially saving their lives and the lives of other road users.


    sleepwatcher driver fatigue


    Drivers who are warned by the system are far more likely to concentrate or pull over for a rest.


    The system can also work to monitor when fleet drivers are distracted and looking away from the road and will warn them of doing so. This can be anything from reading a text message, being distracted by passengers, looking out of the side window for prolonged periods or even adjusting the radio for too long - all of which are responsible to thousands of accidents every year on the roads.


    When the system senses driver distraction it will emit a different warning tone advising the driver to concentrate on driving and to pay attention to the road.


    The sensitivity of the systems and time delays for warnings can be set according to user requirements. The system also boasts an alarm output feature. When an alarm is triggered, the unit can send a low voltage signal to third party hardware like GPS tracking devices and our Vehicle DVR systems that have alarm input sensors. This makes it an excellent fleet management tool.


    When partnered with the Exeros TrackEye 4 DVR system with live monitoring, the Sleep Watcher-XR will send an alarm when it senses driver drowsiness which will then be transmitted via our TrackEye DVR systems to a fleet control center. The vehicle and live video will flash on the fleet operators screen as an emergency situation.


    Pairing of these systems allows for early warning of what is potentially a very dangerous risk. The fleet manager then has the ability to communicate with the driver to advise them to rest and if required, find a replacement driver. Such a powerful tool not only ensures the safety of drivers but also allows fleet driven businesses and managers the ability to protect their staff and assets while on the roads. Rudimentary advice given to drivers becomes a thing of the past and fleet managers can know in real-time, whether their drivers are safe and operating an effective fleet.

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