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The every popular Cube Dash Camera Series. The latest model the Cube 3 continues this strong reputation and is the first high definition Cube model. It records in Full 1080P HD (1920 x 1080@25fps) or 720P (1280 x 720@30fps) with a wide angle 120 degrees lens.

The camera is nice and discreet at just 65 x 40 x 50mm and weighs just 46g. It can be easily rotated to capture either internal or external views using the 360 degree swivel bracket, a popular feature amongst taxi drivers. What’s more the Cube has infra-red built-in to capture recordings at night and in complete darkness, a must for any taxi driver.

  • Cube 3 Dash Camera Product Overview

    cube 3 dash camera

    The Cube 3 comes loaded with an accident sensor, motion detection, built-in screen and Mic and a digital zoom. The accident sensor is very handy in capturing instances of harsh braking, impacts to the vehicle and other incidents. With motion detection recording duration can be extended as the camera will only record when motion is sensed, a handy feature when the vehicle is unattended or parked. The digital zoom is also very useful should you wish to capture a number plate of a vehicle or zoom in on an area for more detail.

    Playback and camera configuration are a cinch with the 1.5” built-in screen. Files can be played back in vehicle and the camera allows for light adjustment and images quality adjustment all at the click of a button.

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Vehicle CCTV Benefit Checklist

  • Reduction in Fleet Insurance
  • Protection of Company Assets
  • Quicker Claim Resolution
  • Prevention of False Claims
  • Improvement in Driver Behaviour
  • Reduction of Fleet Risk
  • Elimination of Vehicle Blindspots
  • Prevention of Crash-for-Cash
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