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We also specialise in Access Control, ANPR Camera Systems & Audio Visual Equipment & Installation. So if you have any business security needs then please feel free to contact our experienced team.


IP CCTV Solutions

ip cctv solutions

Our IP HD solutions provide high definition surveillance for all applications and industries. Our systems are currently used in many commercial premises, local authority premises and other facilities.

Gone are the days using poor quality CCTV images for evidential purposes. Our state-of-the-art systems provide super sharp clarity in full 1080P high definition ensuring proper facial and number plate recognition.


Hemispheric Camera Solutions

hemispheric camera solutions

Hemispheric cameras are a brand new technology suitable for nearly any indoor application and most outdoor applications. With a purpose built fisheye lens these cameras are able to capture the entire 360 degree view around the camera. The intelligent chipset is then able to convert the spherical image into a easy to view flat-looking scene without requiring any special software.

These cameras also have a variety of viewing modes meaning that our hemispheric camera solutions can be used as static cameras with a panoramic view for general overview of the surveillance site, or as a special PTZ camera that only looks at one or more specific areas at a time. 


Access Control

access control systems

Access control technology and door entry systems are an essential security measure for businesses and also very useful for home security. Our access control systems include; key fob solutions, proximity cards and tokens, smart cards and fingerprint recognition systems.

Key fobs technology provides optimum safety yet very easy access for those authorised, each fob holds a unique factory encoded ID number. Our fingerprint entry systems mean users have to physically prove their identity. When attempting to access a protected area fingerprints must be matched against those on record to gain access. 



ANPR Camera Solutions

anpr camera

ANPR Cameras capture images of moving vehicles and monitor vehicle number plates. We are trusted and proven providers of exceptional ANPR systems and our wide range of both fixed and mobile ANPR systems are suitable for all applications.


Perimeter Security Systems

perimeter security systems

Purpose built for large scale commercial applications security our perimeter security systems use the very latest anti-intrusion, active infra red ray barriers to protect indoor and outdoor perimeters.

All of our perimeter security systems are finished to a very high standard to blend in with the environmental surroundings and we can customise solutions to meet specific needs.


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