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Facial Detection is a driving auxiliary warning system. Based on AI technology it is designed to continuously scan the driver for signs of fatigue and tiredness and alarm the driver with visual and audible alerts, where necessary, to bring their attention back to the road. The system is easily integrable with ADAS external module

Consisting of 3 main components – Internal camera, Processing unit (AI box) and display panel, Facial Detection will monitor driver for signs of fatigue, mobile phone use, smoking and prolonged distractions.

Why ADAS Facial Detection?

Research carried out by ROSPA shows that driver fatigue factor may contribute to as much as 20% of road accidents. Coupled with the contributory factor of prolonged distractions i.e. ‘failure to look’, such as in and out-vehicle distractions, phone use, eating and others and this percentage increases.

Brake Road Safety Charity has recently conducted a research, where it was found that the key distraction factors among drivers are:






(sat navs, looking at objects, people outside)

(thinking about something, conversations with passengers, phone calls)

(listening to someone on the phone, music and noises outside the vehicle)

(typing, smoking, eating and drinking)


Exeros Facial Detection system overcomes these issues by:

Alerting when the driver is distracted, bringing their attention back to driving.

Monitoring for signs of fatigue and alerting the driver and the control centre.

Monitoring for smoking, mobile phone use and other prolonged signs of distractions.

Providing instant feedback to the driver in real-time via audible and visual alerts.

How Facial Detection works?

The Facial Detection system employs algorithms to detect the face when a driver enters the vehicle. It scans and detects driver’s facial regions including eyes, month, nose, nostrils and the iris. It then uses several methods of data analysis and pattern recognition techniques to identify and monitor driver for any abnormal signs of facial expressions. For example, when driver is getting tired, the algorithm will detect slowing down in the blink rate and issue a warning signal via visual and audible alerts.

ADAS Facial Detection in action:

Signs of Fatigue

Mobile Phone Use

Driver Fatigue Technology

Mobile Use Detection



Smoking Detection

Distraction Detection


  • Facial Detection camera system will work even in poorly lit conditions as well as with high front or back lighting.
  • It also penetrates through the majority of sunglasses except Polaroids.


Facial Detection Setup:

Internal Camera

Processing Unit (AI Box)

Display Panel

IP54 waterproof and dustproof
Solid and secure design – Suitable for tough environments
Built-in alarm system

An AI box with 2 camera slots - used to connect the video input device (and mobile DVR) for intelligent algorithm analysis and data processing.

Display panel - provides driver with real-time driving information, combined with audible and visual alerts.

Facial Detection can be retrofitted to any vehicle. When partnered with ADAS external module and Exeros DVR system with live monitoring, Facial Detection will send alarms when it senses drivers drowsiness. The data can then be transmitted wirelessly to notify a fleet control centre of potentially dangerous situation.


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