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MITA Next Generation Snow Chains

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mita next generation snow chains

Product Description

Exeros Technologies is proud to introduce to the UK market, the Award Winning Blumec MITA Tire Snow Chains. These next generation universal fit snow chains are perfect for all vehicles, including; mid-high powered cars, 4x4s and HGVs. They provide excellent traction especially for rear wheel drive vehicles which often struggle in the snow.

These innovative one size fits all next generation car tire chains (or tyre chains depending on where in the world you are reading this) use an innovative and modern 'track' chain system rather than traditional 'link' chain system. This allows greater surface area of the tire chain to be in contact with the road or snow when compared to traditional snow chains giving you much better traction in the snow and on icy road conditions!

These universal fit snow tire chains can also be driven safely between snow and tarmac without the need to pull over and remove them as they still leave a large proportion of rubber in contact with the ground. The MITA snow chains can easily be fitted at the roadside without the need to jack the vehicle making them super fast and easy to install especially on low clearance vehicles such as sports cars.

The toughened high quality anti abrasion hardened steel links are made with a unique, patented design minimise vibration and judder by ensuring each link has a consistent area in contact with the road throughout the snow chains rotation. These tyre chains are built to last and outperform other budget snow chain systems in terms of traction and durability.

If particular plates become excessively worn, you don't need to replace the whole set! Simply order just the extra parts and plates you need saving you money on replacement costs! With traditional, budget snow chains, you may have to replace the whole set each year depending on their quality and robustness.

  • MITA Snow Chains - Unique Features

    • Universal fitting - one set fits any wheels (13-24inch wheels with tyres - for larger tyre sizes, please contact us)
    • Continuous traction - as the Traction Plates are always in contact with the road unlike traditional chain systems
    • Fits cars with limited clearance between wheels and arches - the chains only make contact with the tyre tread
    • No interference - ABS brakes, ESP traction control, steering, suspension
    • No risk of damaging alloy wheels like traditional chain systems
    • Made from toughened Carbon Steel - Galvanised against rust and corrosion
    • Easy to fit / remove
    • Each set fits 2 drive wheels
    • Comes with full 1 year warranty

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